By Any Means

Available worldwide from June 26th 2017, Brooke leads this independent thriller about a reality show star, Mimi Wyatt, who gets kidnapped after a night-club appearance. Her hostage taker (Tom Gipson) asks for a ransom of $123,000 to help pay medical bills for his terminally ill daughter. However, when Mimi is released, the police question whether she is after justice or a front-page story.

The film stars Jonathan Cheban (Keeping Up With The Kardashians) and Michelle Money (of The Bachelor fame). It covers themes of lies, fame and desperation.

Burfitt won the Best Actress award for her role at the Wexford Film Festival 2016, where the film went on to win Best Film in the same evening. The movie screened in numerous international festivals and most notably won Best International Feature at the Polish International Film Festival. The movie is distributed by Gravitas Ventures and is available worldwide on all streaming platforms. 

“Brooke Burfitt does a solid job as Mimi, selling her bruised fragility and need to be wanted. The performance works well, eliciting a level of sympathy for the character as the story unfolds.”

GEM sCREEN, 2016

“Of course without compelling performances from the two main leads, Brooke Burfitt in particular, the film wouldn’t have had the impact it did. Both characters are flawed and its very difficult to sympathise with either’s situation or actions but it makes captivating viewing.”

Maxwell hubbard, 2016