A Jar Full Of Christmas

In Lake Placid, NY Rose inherits her mom’s home, reuniting her with her childhood friend Summer. Sparks fly with old pal Everett, and the trio uses Rose’s mom’s jam recipe to save the town church, blending nostalgia, love, and community.

The movie was filmed in Lake Placid and featured on ABC and NBC News. It will screen later this year during the Holidays.

In Her Likeness

Brooke plays best friend Marissa in this female led evil twin thriller, starring Maddison Bullock (The Wedding in the Hamptons). The movie was directed by Louise Alston and is due to be released later in 2024.

The PA and the Manhattan Prince

Loyal, quick-thinking Lucy Woods is a personal assistant to the stars, but when Prince Rupert arrives in New York to make preparations for a masked ball, Lucy finds herself falling in love with her new employer.

‘The PA and the Manhattan Prince’ is available on FreeVee now and many other streaming platforms. Brooke plays the British Princess Caroline, who competes for the Prince’s heart. Will she get the betrothal ring or will the new PA win his heart? I wonder! https://www.amazon.com/PA-Manhattan-Prince-Amanda-Nicholas/dp/B0CMV73YHY

Finding Love In Saint Lucia

An Ornithologist and Journalist partner up to save an endangered bird species in the jungle of Santa Lucia. They both fall in love with the nature and also fall in love with each other.

The movie was filmed in Saint Lucia and features the Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa, the Pitons, waterfalls and Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia. Brooke zip-lined, kayaked, snorkelled and filmed with a number of endemic animals, including snakes, iguanas and the Saint Lucian Parrot. It truly was an adventure both on and off screen.

The Soulmate Search

When Lindsay gets the chance to sign up to the notoriously exclusive dating service Eternity, she clashes with Will, her first date. They mutually agree that the dating service is a complete bust and make a deal to get their money back.

The movie premiered on UpTV in early 2024, starring Alexandra Harris and Jonathan Stoddard. Brooke plays Diane, Will’s sister, who is desperate for her brother to bring a date to her anniversary party.

Grey Matter

When Chloe’s Nan gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she’s forced to become a stay-at-home teenage carer overnight.

Starring: Eloise Smyth (Harlots) Stephanie Beacham (Dynasty) Elizabeth Berrington (Last Night in Soho) Harry Kirton (Peaky Blinders) Paul Brennen (Alien 3) Nigel Boyle (Line of Duty) Kierston Wareing (Fishtank) Sunetra Sarker (Casualty).

‘Grey Matter’ is currently screening in cinemas across the UK, having completed its international festival film run. The movie won Best Foreign Debut at Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto and was selected for London Film Week and Naples International Film Festival.


Love, Game, Match

When economics teacher and new-in-town Liz challenges her high school students to create business plans, she has no idea that the class winners will actually start their own matchmaking service!

Burfitt plays Gina, a teacher at Faraday High School, who has a crush on the tennis coach. When the sportsman sets his sights on new economics teacher Liz, Gina’s jealousy gets the better of her and she interferes where she shouldn’t. “Love, Game, Match” premiered on PureFlix and is now available on Prime: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Game-Match-Cristine-Prosperi/dp/B09KB7SLGF

Labor, Lies and Murder

A pregnant woman hires a doula to assist with her home birth, but then must stay ever alert to the threat of someone stealing her baby.

Burfitt plays the lead in Lifetime’s January 8th 2022 premiere film. She stars alongside Jason Burkey (My Sweet Holiday, You Can’t Take My Daughter), Lauren Buglioli (Secrets on Sorority Row, Florida Man) and Gina Hiraizumi (Killer Advice, The Wrong Real Estate Agent).

Most Wonderful Time

Before her mother sells their family home after the holidays, 30-something struggling author Bria reunites with her three best friends to reminisce and re-create the glory days of their high school years.

Burfitt plays Ella, who is the only married character of the four best friends from college. As Bria reconnects with her high school boyfriend, Ella’s secret past is brought to light, testing all their relationships.

Christmas Lovers Anonymous

After writing a best seller book called “Just Say No to Ho, Ho, Ho”, Katrina secretly celebrates Christmas on a website called “Christmas Lover’s Anonymous” where she connects with an undercover local reporter and the chemistry between the two is undeniable.

Burfitt plays Katrina in ‘Christmas Lovers Anonymous’ which premiered on Canada’s CTV and Great American Family Network.

Christmas at the Castle

A New York sales manager is sent to the remote Scottish Highlands at Christmas to acquire a limited edition perfume from a dashing Earl preparing for his annual ball and falls in love instead.

Brooke Burfitt played the lead character of Blair Henderson in this Christmas romance film, which premiered in the US on Lifetime’s “It’s a wonderful Lifetime” slate. The movie has been translated in to many different languages and has aired around the world on networks such as, Channel 5 in the UK, Sky’s Christmas24, M6 in France, Stan in Australia, Kosmote, UniMas, RTL and Pickbox TV.

The two main characters are charming and viewer friendly. They are rather sparkling on screen.

Translated from greek film critic, https://mymovie-diary.blogspot.com


Pulp was Brooke’s first feature film role. She starred alongside John Thompson (Cold Feet, The Fast Show) in this comic book comedy, which was the first narrative movie to be released on X-Box.

After Death

British TV veteran and BAFTA winner Martin Gooch wrote and directed this quirky, moving tale of four estranged siblings brought together by their inventor father’s sudden death. Brooke plays Sally Sneed, a charismatic TV reporter who questions Nick Moran (Lock Stock, Harry Potter) and Michael McKell (The Bill, Emmerdale) in press segments of the show.


Mother Of All Secrets

Brooke Burfitt plays ‘Samantha’, a psychotic ex-girlfriend out for revenge, in Lifetime’s female-led thriller ‘Maternal Secrets’ alongside Kate Mansi, Kelly McGillis, Sean Stolzen and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps.

The film premiered on TF1 in France, and was broadcast around the world on many channels worldwide, including TV Italia, HBO China, Canada, New Zealand and others. 

By Any Means

Available worldwide from June 26th 2017, Brooke leads this independent thriller about a reality show star, Mimi Wyatt, who gets kidnapped after a night-club appearance. Her hostage taker (Tom Gipson) asks for a ransom of $123,000 to help pay medical bills for his terminally ill daughter. However, when Mimi is released, the police question whether she is after justice or a front-page story.

The film stars Jonathan Cheban (Keeping Up With The Kardashians) and Michelle Money (of The Bachelor fame). It covers themes of lies, fame and desperation.

Burfitt won the Best Actress award for her role at the Wexford Film Festival 2016, where the film went on to win Best Film in the same evening. The movie screened in numerous international festivals and most notably won Best International Feature at the Polish International Film Festival. The movie is distributed by Gravitas Ventures and is available worldwide on all streaming platforms. 

“Brooke Burfitt does a solid job as Mimi, selling her bruised fragility and need to be wanted. The performance works well, eliciting a level of sympathy for the character as the story unfolds.”

GEM sCREEN, 2016

“Of course without compelling performances from the two main leads, Brooke Burfitt in particular, the film wouldn’t have had the impact it did. Both characters are flawed and its very difficult to sympathise with either’s situation or actions but it makes captivating viewing.”

Maxwell hubbard, 2016

Plan Z

‘Plan Z’ had a theatrical release with Cineworld in the late summer of 2016 and was released worldwide through Carnaby International. The movie won countless awards and nominations at film festivals around the world, such as Best Foreign Film at the Canada International Film Festival, Best Director at the Horrorhound Weekend Film Festival and most notably, Best Thriller at the UK National Awards in 2017.

Burfitt plays Irish girl ‘Kate’ who gets separated from her brother in a zombie apocalypse and partners up with man-with-a-plan Craig to survive in the Scottish wilderness.

The Addicted

In this gruesome horror, Burfitt is the unfortunate first victim of a serial killer looking for vengeance after being abused in a drug rehab clinic twenty years ago.

Recoil Films produced the picture in 2013 and was released by Revolver Entertainment across the US. The film has also been known as ‘Rehab’.